About Me

I am a user researcher with a strong passion for humans. I have been told that I am strongly empathic and a good listener.

I combine my technical and design skills with my broad process and requirements knowledge to address business, customer and user interests efficiently and with minimums waste.

Both in academic and industrial settings, I have planned, designed, and run research projects to create insights and actionable outcomes. My strong suit is qualitative research and I have experience in quantitative studies and knowledge in UX metrics as well.

I have an interdisciplinary background and enjoy bridging different fields to create value.
During my PhD research, I closely collaborated with a variety of companies in the form of qualitative research to help them integrate UX practices into their Agile processes.

Sharing what I know is a life-long passion of mine. I have been privileged enough to give lectures and hold seminars both in academic and industrial settings.

If you think I can help you in any way in the area of user research Drop me a line (pariya at bromni dot com)
I will be happy to get onboard and run the user research or to coach you how to do so in house.