About me

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I am an ambitious, positive and reliable person. I am social and have a flair for presentation and engaging in dynamic discussions. I have a multidisciplinary background and experience in both software engineering and development and human-computer interaction.

My main areas of expertise and interests are UX strategy and coaching, also business analysis. I have vast knowledge and expertise in software development processes especially non-functional (i.e. quality) requirements practices, and can coach companies improve in this area.

I enjoy working with internal and external stakeholders in development projects. I can combine my technical and design skills with my broad process and requirements knowledge to address business, customer and user interests efficiently and with minimums waste.

I am expert is running interviews, and workshops and working closely with customers and users, using both software engineering and UX tools and methods. I am also experienced in C, C++, Java, and web development.

My free time is spent on running and yoga, reading and socializing with my family, friends, and my dog Tasha! I am also a mentor at Mentor Sweden.